11 June 2021

I have met GIlly Freedman at three stages of critical transition in my career as Head of Applied Linguistics, and Reader in Education with a learning and teaching leadership role. The first stage entailed recovery from redundancy. Gilly significantly supported me in identifying new roles and strategies for professional development, as I moved from a teaching to a leadership role. The second stage entailed support in the management and development of a complex staff team. Gilly was able to recognise the deep structure behind the dysfunctionality of the group, and the ways in which my own management style needed to evolve to respond to this. The outcome had significant impact both on myself and on the team, as we made root and branch changes that were transformative. The third stage has been my current transition within the organisation, as I move from complex leadership, to a researcher role on the professorial promotion route. Gilly’s deep engagement with both the key issues in my situation, and my own personal needs are a rare combination, and at each of these stages have offered inspiration, support, and deep insight which has led to real change, both for myself and others.