Career Coaching
and Coaching for Doctors


Gilly has offered coaching and career coaching to hundreds of trainees and doctors as well as running courses in developing counselling skills for GPs and interview preparation for becoming a consultant.

4 to 6 Session Career Coaching
and Coaching Programme for
Consultants and GPs


Here are some of the typical dilemmas you might be encountering:

‘I’m struggling with my new identity as a consultant; can you help me to gain confidence and motivation?’

‘I’m wondering how I can develop my career further now I’m a qualified consultant; can you help me explore options?’

‘I have strengths in leadership, research and teaching and I don’t know which pathways to pursue; can we explore these pathways in the light of my strengths and values?’

‘I would like to work on my assertiveness, authority and impact; can you help me?’

‘I need some help in interview preparation for my next consultant role.’

‘I received some negative feedback and I’ve been told I need to develop my relationship skills with other colleagues; can you help me?’

‘I feel at a bit of a crossroads; can you help me to reinvent myself?’

‘I have lost my sense of purpose; can you help me revisit my values and purpose?’

‘I feel very uncomfortable in theatre with my surgeon colleagues; I don’t know how to adapt to feel part of the team; I feel very uncomfortable with their style of communication.’

‘As a GP I’m feeling isolated and anxious; I don’t know whether I want to remain as a GP or switch to PH? Can you help me decide?’

4 Session Programmes for Trainees


Here are some of the typical dilemmas you might be encountering:

‘I don’t know which speciality to choose; can you help me identify criteria for choosing and support me in looking at different options?’

‘I’d like to look at careers that could use my medical degree, allied to medicine; can we discuss this and develop a plan of action?’

‘I’d like to look at alternative careers in and outside medicine; I don’t know where to start.’

‘I feel stressed and burnt-out and I need some help with re-finding my motivation and managing my energy.’

‘I feel very stressed and anxious; could you help me find coping strategies for reducing my stress levels?’

‘I have always felt an imposter; please help me with my confidence levels.’

‘I’d like some help with translating my medical C.V. into a general career so I can progress my career outside medicine.’

‘I have panic attacks and anxiety with the level of responsibility I’m given; please help me to manage my stress and decide whether to leave medicine or to persevere.’

‘I don’t know whether to pursue a leadership, research or academic route; can you help me explore these pathways and what they would mean?’

‘I’m interested in Sexual Health Medicine but I can’t bear the idea of going through the IMT training route for three years first; how can I get around this?’

‘I’m halfway through my PH training and I really can’t decide whether to go the LA or Health prevention or Global Health route; can you help me have a long-term career vision and plan for my placements?’

‘I’m finding returning to work after maternity leave very stressful; can you help me to negotiate LTFT and manage my work-life balance?’

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Doctors and Trainees:

£650.00 for a 4 session programme.
£800.00 for a 6 session programme.

One-offs and two sessions can also be arranged at a cost of £150.00 per session.

Flexibility exists for personalised lower costed packages.

Career Coaching and
Coaching for Individuals

Here are some of the typical dilemmas you might be encountering:
  • ‘I can do my job but it doesn’t excite me and I don’t feel appreciated and valued; please help me to see what else I could do?’
  • ‘I am about to be made redundant and I don’t want to continue in the same area; could you help me take stock and assess what I have to offer?’
  • ‘I’ve been doing this role for many years and I feel jaded and weary. Please help me re-invent myself and find a new working identity?’
  • ‘I’m not sure if I want to continue in the role; I’ve had some negative feedback but I’ve put years of training into it. Can you help me decide which direction to follow at this stage in my life?’
  • ‘I’ve taken voluntary redundancy from a senior role and I now want to wind down and find some voluntary and paid work; can you help me look at what is out there and what might motivate me?’
  • ‘I’m a graduate and I haven’t a clue what to do next; can you help me assess my skills and interests and have some kind of a career plan?’

The 4 Stage Process

Please click a stage to find out more.

All sessions typically last one and a half hours; this framework is used flexibly and sessions are always tailored to individual needs.

Stage 1

Analysis – An exploration of current work & life

Stage 2

Clarity – identifying themes and patterns

Stage 3

Visioning – Options
& possibilities

Stage 4

Actions – Review of options, goal-setting &

Stage 1

An exploration of current work and life context and themes and patterns in terms of previous work situations.

Summary of actions taken and gaps to cover.

An opportunity, jointly, to set clear individual goals for the career coaching process.

Home assignment exercises to give a focus for the next session.

Stage 2

Self-exploration and clarity based on any of the following:

  • Skills, strengths, interests and motivation, achievements, ‘When I’m at my Best’, values.
  • Rehearsal for speaking articulately and convincingly in interview situations.
  • Home assignments given for the preparation of idea generation.
  • Discussion of themes and patterns which have emerged through exploring questionnaires and exercises.
  • Focus on the significance of the results for career and personal decisions.
  • Focus on establishing what elements are needed to provide individual fulfilment at work.

Stage 3

Some future visioning/ brainstorming activities to keep the lens wide open and generate a number of possible career options.

Generate possible career and life options and identifying potential career and life pathways.

Identify two or three appropriate career areas.

Stage 4

Discussion on research needed to explore a particular career in depth.

Discussion on contemporary ways of finding a role.

Examine any personal blocks that might be preventing you from realising your goals and identifying resources.

Setting specific, concrete action steps for conducting research.

Review research and options.

Implementing job search strategies including a draft of CV and interview practice and further action planning, if appropriate.

Individual sessions can also be arranged.

Other career coaching programmes available for individuals:

Finding Your Purpose
Mid-life career reinvention
Testing the Water (for those wanting to explore setting up their own business)

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£650.00 which includes all questionnaires and exercises.
£150.00 for one session.

Flexibility exists for personalised lower-costed packages.

Executive Coaching


Gilly is passionate about enabling individuals to make deep and lasting changes. Gilly is results driven and her approach is underpinned by proven theory and models for overcoming presenting and underlying resistance to change.

Coachees become more aware of their impact on others and understand the importance of building on and developing effective relationships in the organisational environment. In particular she draws from: Positive Psychology, Gestalt and Mindfulness and Peter Hawkins Model of Transformational Change.


Gilly has coached a huge variety of clients at all levels including director and below and has trained over 500 professionals in coaching skills. 

Clients include:

MOJ; KPMG; RSPB; Saint Gobain; Oxford County Council, Oxford Brookes,  Insead; UNHCR; Bank of England; BBC (national training award for coach training with CCS).


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£1,500.00 for a 6 session programme.

One-offs and two sessions can also be arranged at a cost of £250.00 per session.

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